Local Baskit Providing Local Foods to NH!

Local Baskit is the first company to offer cook-at-home meal kits exclusively for New Hampshire customers with a focus on locally grown produce and meats. Local Baskit Concord Marketplace is one of Concord's beer, wine and food specialty stores  with a Local Baskit subscription plan pickup as well as single meal kits.

The meal kit business has taken the food industry by growing to a $1.5 billion dollar market in just a few years. But, New Hampshire farms and food artisans were not connected to the national trend. Beth Richards of Concord saw an opportunity. She researched the business concept for more than a year resulting in the launch of Local Baskit in 2017.

After a successful few years, Richards expanded her operations to not only offer the meal kit service, which is available for delivery statewide, but has opened the doors of a Concord Marketplace. “We are dedicated to the “loyal to local” concept and making buying local super convenient.   We pair our meals with a terrific local beer such as Litherman's Limited Brewing, Henniker or Concord Craft Brewing or an expertly paired bottle of wine. Then you can add dessert with cannolis from Modern Pastry, or local milk and cookies from Tarte Bakery in Andover. Think of us as a daily farmers market with local beer and bottles of wine.”

In addition to meal kits and the food and beverage items, Local Baskit’s Concord Marketplace has become a community gathering space with weekly beer and wine tastings, wellness events and food craft gatherings for families. “We will unveil the latest local beer here, celebrate food holidays and make the hottest Pinterest food craft” says Richards.

Local Baskit is a NH-based meal kit service partnering with farms and food artisans in the “603” to bring customer’s recipes and ingredients to make great meals. Local Baskit subscription customers can choose a Baskit style that best fits their lifestyle and culinary interest offering two- or four-person Baskits, and two, three, or four meal nights per week through a flexible, no-commitment subscription plan. Single meals, beers, wines and desserts are available only in the Concord Marketplace with hours Tuesdays through Friday 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday 11am to 7pm. Contact Beth Richards at beth@localbaskit.com for more information and visit www.localbaskit.com, Concord, NH, 10 Ferry Street.

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