Theatre in a Hatbox

Concord's Hatbox Theatre  is a box shaped theatre, a small venue at the Steeplegate Mall that holds up to 100 people and engages the audience through proximity. The close-to-the-stage seating promotes a direct experience with the performance.  The award-winning Hatbox Theatre presents 175+ performances each year by local performers including original works, published plays and musicals, concerts, comedy, dance, improv, magic, burlesque, spoken word, and more.

Hatbox productions have won a number of awards at the NH Theatre Awards, and more than 16,000 folks have attended productions since they opened April 1, 2016.

The atmosphere becomes more intimate as the show goes on. Jazz nights, premiere plays, stand-up comedy shows and masterclasses bring artists and admirers into the same world, and that’s what makes this “box” so special.

Upcoming performances at the ‘Box stage include Shakespeare’s “Richard II”, “1776”, “Tales Told” and a series of Out of the ‘Box concerts, master classes and a stand-up comedy show.


Open since 2016, Hatbox has run as a not-for-profs theater, with a wide range of membership options and affordable tickets. Each year, the theatre hosts a Pitch Night for producers who would like to be part of the schedule for the season. They have 2 minutes only to promote their project and the 2019 one already has a stage date of March 4, 2019.  


If you want to know more or purchase tickets, just go to: