What's Brewing in Concord, NH? Coffee!

With Revelstoke Coffee about to open in Concord, NH’s Eagle Square, we thought we might discuss the city’s cafés - The Works Café, True Brew Café, White Mountain and True Brew Barista. 

The Works Bakery Café reflects the early idealism of its founders - Jennifer Pearl, Garrett Mead, John Carlin, and Richard French, all classmate buddies from beautiful Vermont. The company has run on the principal of the triple bottom line—people, planet, and profit—since 1988. And it remains firmly committed to producing delicious breakfasts and lunches—good food for good people. Today The Works Café has expanded to 8 New England locations, and boy, do they serve a lot of coffee! Everything from rio negro coffee, cappuccino, good old espresso, latté, mocha latte, Americano, Harney & Son® whole leaf, and sachet tea. The Concord shop is located at 42 North Main Street.

True Brew Café and True Brew Barista started with True Brew Barista in 2008 operating out of Robert and Stephanie’s residence in Concord. After the first Market Days celebration it was evident that Downtown was the place for them and their Bicentennial Square location became a second home.  A year later, they have expanded their hours and taken over the entire lower level of the McShane’s Block Building.  In 2011 they added Beer and Liquor to the rapidly expanding menu. In 2012 the Barista crew teamed up with Gibson’s Bookstore and opened another shop in the Love your neighbor building. Today, True Brew Barista has live music on Friday AND Saturday nights, serving cortado, macchiato, and traditional coffee beverages. 

A local legend is White Mountain Gourmet Coffee at 15 Pleasant Street in Concord, NH.A visit starts with the tasty aroma of roasting coffee and baked treats – as the coffee is roasted right there. And by the way, the food is very tempting too.Fromchicken quiche to iced chai, this is the place forlunch, breakfast, or just really good coffee. They offer more than 12 varieties ofbrewed coffees alongside awide range of assorted muffins,bagels, and pastry. And there is a wide selection of freshly roasted whole bean coffee for sale.

 What's Brewing in Concord, NH?  Coffee!

What's Brewing in Concord, NH?  Coffee!