This place is so familiar. Your face is so familiar

You know when you’re walking down Main Street and see that person you see all the time, but you don’t *actually* know them… but they’re always smiling and waving at you anyway? If you’re from Concord, you probably know a lot of people in this category. 


If this Visit Concord, NH blog is to serve as a guide to all things Concord – then we ought to help you get to know some of your regular faces! Sure, there’s plenty of business profiles to read and award winners to check out, but what about those folks you’re always running into who are delivering, checking parking meters, headed to the Works at the same time as you every single morning… they must have a story, right?!


One of the more recognizable Concord regulars is our downtown letter carrier, Nick Weber.


I’ve always been really interested in what it’s like to be a delivery person of any kind downtown – it’s so active and bustling here, and it seems like there’s always something going on… they must have a bird’s eye view of all things downtown! Turns out, I’m so right about that. I asked Nick to answer a couple of my burning questions, since he’s been working for the USPS since 2005 and has had this downtown route for two years now.


I hope this encourages you to say hi to Nick when you see him walking around town, and maybe also encourages you to be the one smiling and waving to the friendly faces you see next time : )


What's the best part of getting to be on Main St every day?

- I really enjoy seeing all the action of downtown.  Some routes you do are all residential and you don’t see people very much.  working downtown I get to talk to the business owners and people working in the offices I deliver to.


What's the funniest thing you've ever seen downtown?

- I saw a van towing a landscaping trailer drive through the intersection of pleasant and main.  The van turned, and the trailer disconnected and kept going straight in to the intersection.  It’s such a busy spot but nothing got hit and it just kind of slowly came to rest.  The driver ran out and reconnected it and took off.


Where's your favorite spot in Concord (on or off your usual route)?

- One of my favorite places downtown is the Barley House.  I enjoy the atmosphere; the food is always excellent, and the beer selection is great.


One thing you wish people knew about Concord?

- The thing I wish people knew about concord is that it’s a friendly and welcoming town.  Me and my wife moved to the Concord area from Colebrook because of the opportunities a bigger town had to offer.  One of the things that bothered me was I thought I’d lose that small town feel of Colebrook.  But Concord is the kind of place where you walk down the street and people know your name and stop to talk.  You’re not just an anonymous face in the crowd. So, to me it’s a great combination of having the benefits of living in a city but not losing that connection you have when you know everyone in a small town.


Do you know a regular downtowner with a story? 

Let me know at!

Use the subject line “hi neighbor!” and share a little about them and a way to get in touch.

Thanks– see you downtown!



Elyssa Alfieriis a freelance stylist, social media maven, vintage lover, and all-around Concord super fan. You can usually find her at her consignment shop, Lilise Designer Resale (or LDR), on Storrs St downtown. She also really wants you to know LDR is dog-friendly. 

One of the more recognizable Concord regulars is our downtown letter carrier, Nick Weber.

One of the more recognizable Concord regulars is our downtown letter carrier, Nick Weber.