Taste the best flavors of New England served up at Concord’s unique farm-to-table restaurant

Tucked in the brick façades of Depot Street is Concord’s only farm-to-table restaurant, serving unique dishes made entirely from local ingredients. The idea offers a more natural and sustainable diet that has been growing in restaurants across the nation and has found a new home in the Capital City. 


At Revival Kitchen and Bar, fine dining meets an approachable atmosphere and products from New England are celebrated through a seasonally-inspired and locally-sourced menu. From fish caught in the Seacoast, to cheese made in Vermont, to berries picked in New Hampshire forests, the cuisine is a modern take on classic regional ingredients – hence the name ‘Revival’. 


Award winning chef and owner Corey Fletcher knows the importance of using local resources and supporting the local community. He has been working closely with local farmers for most of his career and has always noticed a special interest in foods that originate from close to home. Combining this with the desire of owning his own place, Fletcher ventured into the farm-to-table concept, hoping to contribute to the city of Concord and its vibrant food scene.


His philosophy is to offer fresh, local and minimalist cuisine, and letting the ingredients speak for themselves. The creativity behind the dishes is a mix of the products available and his culinary expertise: “Every year during the summer and fall different farmers come up to me saying ‘Hey, I’ve got X, Y and Z products’ and I’ll use them for specials or try to incorporate them somewhere in the menu”, explains the chef. 


For the owner of Revival Kitchen and Bar, keeping things in the community and contributing to a more sustainable local economy is key. By having local vendors, he is not only minimizing the environmental impact of his business – because less fuel is spent on transporting the ingredients – but he is also channeling revenue to local agriculture and local businesses, rather than adding to the profits of a big conglomerate. 


And this seems to have a ripple effect. Chef Corey Fletcher has observed that “the community is more likely to support a restaurant or establishment that is supplied locally and tries to keep the money within the area”, he said. The success that Revival Kitchen and Bar has achieved in its two years of existence is enough to show that this mindset is a great business driver.


Open 5 days a week, the restaurant is most popular on Friday and Saturday nights, and although walk-ins are welcome, booking a table is recommended. Customers come for the quality of the ingredients and because they know they are supporting their own community. And contrary to what people might think, being in the “upscale” category doesn't make Revival Kitchen any less approachable or desirable by a younger demographic. 


“There area lot of young professionals between 25 and 40 opposed to an older refined palate kind of generation. They’re coming in for really good cocktails and a couple of small plates. They’re not trying to have this huge once-a-month dining experience some of the older clientele enjoy.”, the owner says. 


Since the menu changes frequently to ensure that only the freshest products are being used, signature dishes are hard to identify or recommend. But the chef revealed that duck is his favorite ingredient to use, so be sure to look for the duck options on your next visit to Revival Kitchen and Bar.

100% local, seasonally-inspired and one-of-kind, Revival Kitchen brings a fresh take on fine dining to the Capital City.

100% local, seasonally-inspired and one-of-kind, Revival Kitchen brings a fresh take on fine dining to the Capital City.