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Strive Indoor Cycling comes to Concord, NH

Meagan opened Strive Indoor Cycling earlier this month and it’s already catching on! You’re gonna want to get in on this, I promise. Whether you’re an experienced rider or not, she’s set Strive up to include everything you could ever need: your shoe rentals are included in your class price, there are complimentary showers, and Meagan can answer any questions you have if you’re nervous!

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Concord’s City Wide Community Center: What's new is old (And Great)

The new center is open year round and it is home for the department’s numerous youth camps during the summer months. Adults can also use the Center as well through drop-in sports and exercise classes, or by signing up for one of Concord Parks and Rec’s adult programs, which have included foreign languages, art, music, cooking, yoga, fitness, and more. Many of the Center’s amenities are open to residents of the greater Concord area; you do not need to live in Concord to take advantage of its offerings.

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Telling Greater Concord’s a more visible way

All the pieces are in place. Big city amenities without the hassle, New England charm, lots of open space for outstanding outdoor recreation, beautiful parks, quality schools and safe neighborhoods. And when you consider the inventory of cultural assets and events we enjoy in this region, we easily rival many other New Hampshire communities looking to attract visitors, employers and workers. 

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