How to find an authentic local restaurant during a trip?

Ever feel overwhelmed by the number of restaurants, and left wondering where to go for dinner? You are not alone. It will take a little bit of research and dedication, but I promise you, THE perfect dinner spot is out there waiting for you.


First, and the obvious one, Google “food in Concord/Las Vegas/Santorini/Moscow/Dublin…” you got it, Google a location you are interested in. Do NOT read all the reviews on Google, you will find yourself starving to death while going through all of them. Just look at the overall review score, usually 4+ stars indicates a pretty good place. Some of us are still using Yelp for reviews, but after I saw over a dozen offers for fake Yelp reviews, well… I don’t trust it anymore. Anyway, look at some supplemental pictures submitted by customers. Is it what you looking for? Are the portions right for you? How is the food served? Do not overwhelm yourself, it should take 5-10 minutes, no longer. Google Reviews have a direct link to a restaurant’s menu, which is always convenient if you are looking for options AND price tags.

coffee concord new hampshire

However, with all respect to Google Reviews, it’s not the best place to look for pictures try Instagram instead.  After you have spotted a few places on Google, go to Instagram’s Search bar, and look for a location. Usually, the name of the place will be all you need. And from there, you can view the food, interior, menu, and even bathroom mirror pictures. Pretty convenient, right? Now, once you’ve seen all the options, you should have no difficulty choosing THE restaurant. Go for it, and don’t forget your wallet & smile!

instagram concord nh coffee food new hampshire

Aytaj Ismayilova