Cool ideas for Ice Cream in Concord

With New England’s “wicked hot summers” it is important to hydrate and… yes ice cream can help. Well, it can't hurt... And here is some cool news – ice cream actually has health benefits… First, it boosts energy. Ice cream is rich with carbohydrates, fats and milk protein, which are needed to maintain our superpowers and stay active. Second, dairy in ice cream is a great source of vitamin D + and if you enjoy your cold deliciousness outside, you might get double boosted with vitamin D! Third, ice cream makes you smile. Just remember Oscar Wild’s quote about “everything in moderation!” Now, let’s find out where we can score good ice cream in Concord, NH:

Granite State Candy Shoppe opened off Main Street in Concord in 1930 and the store remained the same until 2004 when entire shop and candy kitchen were renovated. What did not change was that homemade chocolates, candies and treats are still prepared daily in the classic way. As for ice cream, they offer up to 32 flavors of their very own making, with 16 % butter fat and made from local milk from Contoocook Creamery. They have a sundae bar, chocolate dipped cones, and rotate in new flavors every week!

Located at 31 Warren St., Concord, NH

Buza Dairy Bar is the locally owned ice cream and gelato bar, which serves everything starting from ice cream, shakes, frozen bars, frozen cakes, mocha to classic Italian gelato. Gelato is made with milk instead of cream, so it has 74% less fat than ice cream. And, they use only the freshest of ingredients.  One of the favorites is the Espresso Shake- made with Espresso Gelato, topped with whipped cream & chocolate covered espresso beans – how cool is that?! Don’t like milk? Vegan sorbets are totally dairy-free and tasting like freshly picked berries.

Located at 25 S Main St., Concord, NH


Ballard's Ice Cream, Sandwiches & More! is not just another local ice cream shop in Concord, it serves more than 50 flavors of ice cream, soft ice cream, fro yo, AND sorbets. Here you can choose the cone for your ice cream (and they offer more than 20 cone flavors) and cover your ice cream with rainbow sprinkles (or jimmies, if you – and it’s all guilt free – what happens in the ice cream shop, stays in the ice cream shop. Plus, as you might get from the store name, it is not just all ice cream – sandwiches, hot dogs, wraps, and fried goodies – all in one stop! 

Located at 7 Broadway, Concord, NH


Arnie’s Place is a local landmark,  in business since 1992. Arnie’s owner, Tom Arnold (not that Tom Arnold) opened Arnie's with his homemade ice cream recipes (some more than 70 years old) and still runs Arnie's today with community driven focus. With unique 30+ ice cream flavors in menu, such as dinosaur crunch, frozen pudding, fudge walnut, Indian pudding, and kahlua chip, Arnie’s Place bonds generations together by having ice cream flavors for everyone-in-the-family. In 2017, the place was voted Best of New Hampshire Ice Cream in the Concord Area. 


Located at 164 Loudon Rd, Concord, NH


Beech Hill Farm and Ice Cream Barn Awarded “Best of New England” destination by Boston Magazine/New England Travel and Family Favorites Award by Parenting NH Magazine. Beech Hill Farm and Ice Cream Barnfeatures over 75 premium flavors of Blake’s and Gifford’s made ice cream, delicious 95% fat free frozen yogurt, and a popular make-your-own sundae bar, as well as a country store featuring our their all natural pasture-raised beef, New England specialty products, garden center, a wonderful assortment of farm animals, and quality family activities. 

Located at 107 Beech Hill Road, Hopkinton, NH


Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt with unusual frozen yogurt flavors plus a variety of toppings right on Main Street!


Located at 70 N Main St., Concord, NH

With New England’s “wicked hot summers” it is important to hydrate and… yes ice cream can help. Well, it can't hurt...

With New England’s “wicked hot summers” it is important to hydrate and… yes ice cream can help. Well, it can't hurt...