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McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center: New England’s Only Air and Space Science Center

The McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center honors the legacies of two New Hampshire heroes and is a place for visitors to explore, discover, and be inspired.  As the only air and space science center in New England it welcomes all ages to have fun while learning about the universe in which we live.

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Public Art (and Opinion) Downtown

And Concord’s newest pieces sure have! Some have been big hits – like “American Dog” by Dale Rogers on the corner of N. Main and Centre St. But everyone loves dogs. That one is easy. Plus, that particular doggo is quite well known. Some have been harder for folks to figure out than others. Check out the new piece on the corner of North Main and Capitol Streets called “Taper Deco” by Rob Lorenson, and tell me if you think it’s a “C” for Concord, a doughnut, a portal to another dimension ala “Stargate” … or maybe you see something entirely different? 

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Concord: Fall in love with NH’s Foliage Capital

New Hampshire’s foliage season runs roughly from late-September to mid-October, but this varies widely depending on weather, topography and geography. Just before the season begins, a sneak preview of fall can be found as swamp maples surrounding some ponds and lakes may turn a fiery red, and the deciduous trees of northern New Hampshire may have already begun their transformation.  Columbus Day Weekend is often the focal point of fall foliage excursions, but the White Mountains can present earlier colors.

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